Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thing 4: Keeping Up

Well...I haven't been very good at keeping up with the 23 Mobile Things, but with Spring on its way, I feel renewed energy. Yay!

One thing I have been keeping up with is all my favorite blogs. I was a Google Reader user for many years until it was sadly discontinued.  But all is well since I started using Feedly. Feedly aggregates my favorite blogs like LifeHacker, Mental Floss, and CuteOverload. I like its swipe feature which allows you to swipe the articles and move on to the next one. One thing that needs improvement is when the user is adding specific URLs.  It tends to be a bit glitchy if you're not super fast with selecting the blog in the menu. Hopefully that will be fixed in subsequent updates.

The second best app for keeping up is Pocket. Amy told me about Pocket and now I'm a HUGE fan. It allows me to tag my saved posts and archive them from many different apps that I use. I can even send to my pocket from my web browser by emailing the article to my unique Pocket email address. I like being able to reference all the cool stuff I've read using my own tags. Pocket doesn't add to my reading list, it just makes it more organized.

Finally, I tried Zite, ScoopIt, and Flipboard. Zite is by far my favorite. It curates articles based on your preferences. I've found tons of great Education and Tech blogs I would never have discovered otherwise. Zite also works with Pocket. ScoopIt and Flipboard seemed too clunky compared to the others so I quit those.

On to Thing 5, hurrah!